Every retail store has one print in common in their spring-summer collection and that’s paisley. It’s light, it’s breezy and it’s easy to wear. The prints originated from an Indian and Persian background and were known as “Persian Pickles” by the Americans. The vegetable-shaped pattern was initially used for quilts and cashmere wool shawls that came from India. Nowadays, you can see it in almost any shop as dresses, skirts, blouses, scarves and even hair ties!

When it comes to spring-summer fashion, you will always pick bright and airy colours. Well, this year instead of doing only self-colours and florals, why not add the bohemian look to your closet. The good thing about Paisley is that it comes in various colours, types, shapes and wears. A yellow paisley tunic can be worn over a bikini top and denim shorts, whereas a deep purple dress, coupled with a pair of black high heel shoes and you’re ready to hit the clubs.

Paisley Print bags or more commonly known as Bohemian bags make a great accessory when going on a casual outing. It’s wide opening and lightweight structure holds a breezy look for a day out shopping with the girls or a day at the beach or the park.

The absolutely good thing about the Paisley is that you can never go wrong with the look. Be it scarves or scarf dresses...with the right hair and accessories you can make a casual look pass off as chic and make the diva look pass off as scintillating!

Nail the look with our very own bohemian floral printed bag, now at only £12.99.

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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