Exotic reptile prints were a major trend choice for Winter 08 and are continuing into S/S 09 as designed by Christian Dior, Cavalli and YSL to name but a few, with prints such as leopard, alligator, crocodile, lizard, snake and zebra rising to hit lists. These designs are spotted everywhere with styles from African, Asian, tribal and safari influences.

A-List celebs started to rock the animal print look, bringing about fashion inspiration and providing a master class on how to wear it. To keep the look classy, aim for a balanced ensemble of complementary pieces such as Kiera Knightley's leopard print scarf or Jennifer Lopez's croc effect handbag and shoes. Accessories with animal patterns - smart and timeless ways to wear the look are with handbags, shoes and scarves and the great thing is that we have them all!

If you're after some of this reptile edge this season to spice up your wardrobe, search our related products to get the look nailed: Purple Patent Croc Effect Platforms, Fuchsia Patent Croc Effect Peep Toe Heel, Large Black Tote with Leopard Print Scarf, Large Grey Slouchy Tote with Leopard Print Scarf, Large Navy Slouchy Tote with Leopard Print Scarf, Brown Patent Snakeskin Style Metal Bow Bag, Suede Croc Detail Shoulder Bag with Removable Strap, Snakeskin Style Zebra Print Clasped Bow Bag, White Embellished Handbag, Black Patent Embellished Handbag.

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