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Alongside the returns of bright color clothing this summer, a relatively bright color lip gloss is back on the stage, here come with our top three lips colors! Highlighting springtime, coral being one of the top list is a rather smoothie color between orange and pink, perfect with either rough jeans or enchanting floral skirt.

Popular for the past few months, hot pink still one of the hottest choice for top designer’s runway shows. The erotic yet mature hot pink exudes a fetching aroma of a stylish woman, and the dramatic mystery behind the lips.

Last but not least, we have orange for the boldest one to represent their unruliness. Whether a white veil or pink shirt, orange lips could always brings out chemical reaction to adorning your look. Although orange is not a handy color for everyone to carry, it is regarded as the hottest color tone for this summer!

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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