It’s never too late to look ahead for future trends, and where better to get inspirations than great painters.

Designers are already showcasing their newest designs for next year’s Resort collections and it seems, favouring extremes of delicate, organic prints are lifted from the striking natural palettes of the Impressionists to abstract splashes of colour. A run-through of several runway collections shows that paint strokes are in high demand and will jump out just when winter is dire and a need for punchy and bold colours and prints are much needed.

Some collections, like Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, and Narciso Rodriguez seem to be looking at their ensembles as canvases and Jackson Pollock seems to be a big inspiration. Their collections borrow Pollock’s splatter paint techniques, with lots of dripping and a rough brush technique. But designers are also foraging around in the 80’s art world for inspiration, with some even incorporating 90’s grunge aesthetics - beloved by Andy Warhol four decades earlier- into their collections.

For those not so fond of harsher looks or grunge expression there is plenty of opportunity to float away in something a bit more feminine. Like a beautiful Monet, Michael Kors collection revels in softer hues and water colour style, holding prints a lot more delicate, borrowing as well from the 60’s and the best of dainty, floating, flower-power florals.

Either way, it would be hard not to feel inspired by the artistic vibe in any of these dresses or prints and I look forward in rocking the look when the time comes.

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By Daniella Cagol - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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