When The O.C. came out in 2003, it became unbelievably popular despite its questionably creative script, which was, on the face of it, just “holding together sex scenes, drug scenes, and fashion obsessions”. But even if it wasn’t the most sophisticated way to spend Tuesday evenings, we all sat in front of the TV, worrying about rich world problems and forgetting our own.

I would be lying, if I said that cute Ben McKenzie and my “bad boy” crush on his character, Ryan, had nothing to do with my O.C. addiction, but truth is, there was one star that shone even brighter than the Texas hottie and that was the adorable Mischa Barton.

As much as we hated her for her steamy scenes with underdog Ryan, we’ve had a soft spot for Mischa, ever since her memorable performance as the spoiled and troubled Marissa Cooper. And it wasn’t just her overnight TV success that turned her into a teen sensation that made us adore her, but also her now unerring sense of style and “fashion dictator” status that fashionistas like us appreciate much higher.

Yes, she surely had her rough patches (talking that unflattering bondage-inspired dress or her misfortunate attempt to embrace the hipster look), but once she let her quirkiness shine, Mischa became an inspiration for thousands of women.

She started her fashion journey by designing her own handbag line in 2008 and after eight successful seasons is now opening her first flagship store in East London. The Mischa Barton Boutique in Spitalfields offers a wide range of not only bags, but also clothes and make up.

Although the 26-year-old actress told Grazia there is a little bit of something for any taste in her store, she describes the “Mischa Barton” girls as “distinct with their fashion choices”, “sophisticated” young ladies who “want to be different”.

She clearly demonstrated that at the boutique opening on August 11, when she changed outfits twice: first, dressed in a navy blue silk dress, the young designer smiled charmingly for the cameras in front of the store. Then, she changed to a black blazer with skinny jeans and ankle boots and finished her look with a bright red lipstick for an edgy appearance. Undoubtedly, she’s never looked more elegant!

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By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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