If you look at men’s fashion now and the many male fashionistas around, it is hard to remember a time when skinny jeans were not fashionable. Skinny jeans have been known to bounce around in fashion when seen on the likes of fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Russell Brand and have firmly planted their place to stay. But now it is time for the world to be shocked again as the trend for men wearing ‘meggings’ grows.

Men’s leggings or meggings as they are becoming known first popped up in the fashion world back in 2007 but have struggled catching on since then. Perhaps meggings are too bold a statement for most men or perhaps it is simply the exposure of certain bulges which is causing most men to give the thumbs down.

At Milan Fashion Week in June, male leggings were seen on several catwalks including the Gucci and Cavalli collections. Moschino were the real winners however, who perfectly matched a baggy version of the leggings trend with combat boots.

Riccardo Tisci already pushed the boundaries of fashion with his second menswear collection for Givenchy and received massive praise for his shorts and leggings combo for Spring 2009, so it was no surprise when Tisci delivered more leggings in his fall collection, though the surprise came in the knit and leather versions he produced.

Leggings would mainly suit a slim legged man, matched with a baggy t-shirt or low hanging cardigan to cover the crotch. Embracing the trend may be for the best with menswear getting skinnier in all areas in recent years with the introduction of the skinny tie and skinny fit suits. So go out there and support the trend! After all they may just look like skinny jeans to some people.

By Russell Arkinstall - Men’s Style Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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