When I told a friend of mine that Kelly Osbourne won the Cosmopolitan Style Icon Award at the end of last month, I nearly had to demonstrate my first aid skills to save her from choking on a bagel. Obviously, she is not as devoted fashion lover as I am, or else she would have known that the Osbounerne’s once “problem child” has now transformed into a classy and elegant young lady who shares her fashion wisdom on TV and rocks the red carpet with ease.

For all of you who are also still holding on to the image of that reckless punk rock kid covered in tattoos and piercings who is constantly swearing and driving its parents crazy, let me assure you that little “Miss Nasty” (as her own mother once called her on their unforgettable reality show “The Osbounes”) has come a long way.

Her appearance at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of The Year Awards 2012 only proved this point. Kelly was glowing when she went to collect the Ultimate Style Icon Award and could not hide her excitement: "I used to look like crap. I never thought I'd get a style award. Cosmo putting me on their cover a couple of years ago did wonders for my self-esteem."

She surely deserved her prize! The 28-year-old “Fashion police” host demonstrated her unmistakable sense of style in an elegant floral print silk frock in silver and lilac which complimented her extravagant hair colour. Kelly barely wore any make up, guess her wide smile was all she needed to feel pretty. Way to go, Kel!

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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