Paparazzi favourite Kate Moss has had her ups and downs, to say the least. From her cocaine scandal and stint in the Meadows Clinic in October 2005, to her rocker ex-fiancée and junkie, Pete Doherty.

The thing about La Moss, is that the majority of her career has been overshadowed by her volatile and highly publicised personal life. In the beginning though, she was making headlines for different reasons.

Kate Moss shot to fame in the nineties because of that cover of the Face. Corinne Day’s, who was one of the most influential photographers, Summer of Love shoot showed Moss in all her waifish glory. The controversial pictures had such an impact and in that moment in time, Moss managed to single-handedly destroy what a supermodel was.

Her look broke the mould as it was defined by her scrawny frame and concave chest, as opposed to the more curvaceous figures of the supermodels at the time, such as Naomi Campbell. She had become an anti-model. Moss’ height was also a factor as she is only 5’7’’, which is practically unheard of in the modelling world. Her waif like image was exaggerated by her dark under eye circles, pale skin and messy hair.

The Face photo shoot made Calvin Klein want her. His campaigns put Moss at the forefront of a new look: ‘heroin chic’. Eyes sunken into their sockets, bones jutting out at all angles whilst wearing a drug-addicted look, define this look. It portrayed a loss of youth and naivety, whilst being somewhat strangely alluring. This phase drew criticism from many anti-drug groups, they didn’t appreciate the stoned look, as you can imagine. Bill Clinton even condemned the look claiming that it glamorised drugs by making drug use seem more attractive.

Kate Moss was a return of the real that shook the modelling world in the nineties. Her heroin chic waif look had such an impact and marked her emergence. Whatever you think of Moss, it cannot be denied that there is something about the insanely beautiful snaggle-toothed girl from Croydon, whether it be her bad girl reputation, her trendsetting status or simply her face.

Contributors: Amy Shiels.

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