Ever thought you could make a fashion statement whilst grocery shopping at your local Tesco’s? Well here’s some food for thought! Luxury designer Savas has created the definitive supermarket accessory - a handbag basket. Yes, it is a real basket that you can pull off as your handbag! (or the other way round).

Fab for the high-end shopper, this item is almost like a genius work of art! A designer shopping basket… why has no one thought of this before!

Comprising of a genuine Italian leather handbag inside a hard metal frame, it is made of premium materials and, naturally, also comes with a premium price tag of £884… We might need a few extra Tesco clubcard points to cover that! All jokes aside, its soft interior can be separated from the basket section and carried as a more useful, everyday accessory. Fab!

By Lola James - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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