1) Pair it up with a pair of light blue jeans and toss in a white pair of wedge heels. You can never go wrong with a decent pair of jeans and a tucked in white shirt. It is simplicity at its best and makes you look chic, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

2) Match it with your grungiest shorts, and tie up the shirt on your waist. Add some colour by wearing it over a brightly lit bikini top or a tube top. By pairing it well, you will be ready for the perfect day by the beach!

3) Wear it under a sweater on a cold and rainy day and match it up with a cute skater skirt. Oh and thrown in with a pair of nerdy glasses and you get the Zooey Deschanel look.

4) Wear it over a long sleeved tee and roll-up the shirt sleeves and voila! You have the doctor look (that was once famous in 2008)… well history does repeat itself doesn’t it?

5) If your white shirt is quite long then pair it with a pair of leather leggings, jazz on some collar spikes and wear it on a pair of platform high heel pumps and flash it up by accessorising your night out with a colour-splashed clutch handbag.

Well, a white shirt is something you must have in your closet. As you can see that one piece of fabric can be worn an umpteen number of times and no one will ever notice. Great for your closet and great for your wallet too!

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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