Do you think that a wardrobe full of designer dresses is enough to call yourselves a real fashion addict; or a collection of shoes that would make even Carrie Bradshaw jealous; maybe your sense for accessorizing is so good that you should make an exhibition of your scarfs and bracelets for others to take notes?

Well, you might be a real fashion guru, but think again, ladies! How many of you celebrate fashion in their own…kitchen? And more importantly, do we need that hint of style at a place where a cooking apron equals an evening gown?

Yes. Yes, we do. Or at least that’s what Giles Deacon and LG Electronics (LG) suggest by launching a limited edition of washing machines. The collaboration between the celebrated British designer and the Korean brand resulted in the eye-catching LG 6 Motion that came on the market just in time for London Fashion Week (where LG is also an Official Garment Care Supplier).

The extravagant LG 6 Motion washing machine, which can now be found in select John Lewis stores, features a striking Giles Deacon print and is the designer’s first successful attempt in decorating white goods.

Deacon-LG is obviously a dream-team, considering also their first collaboration in 2011 when they produced a limited edition of Cinema 3D TV glasses.

Personally, I am quite happy with my white humble old friend that’s been keeping my clothes clean for years now, but if you consider a designer washing machine a “must-have” for any modern housewife, just make sure that the rest of your kitchen is just as striking.

By Eti Tashkova - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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