Does an 8am shoe crisis sound familiar to you? We've all had days where we are fashionably challenged in a footwear fashion faux pas crisis before work. Flat casuals or killer heels?

If you can bare to walk in them 5 days a week, high heels are a god send. But some days we just yearn for casual comfort. According to Style Magazine, flat shoes are very much appropriate in the workplace no matter what your age, as long as your outfit is work suited.

Aim for classic sophistication with rounded points, pointy shoes or an elongated tow box; these contours turn casual flats into classy and stylish flats with minimal effort. If you're a city chic, avoid ballet or round toe flats.

If your thinking that heels are the only way to add a few inches of height, think again. Longer shapes lengthen the line of the leg which automatically makes your legs seem longer. And the longer your legs, the taller you look!

Style wise, the key is to go for materials, colours and textures that are visually appealing. Faux animal print and patent effects are perfect. Reds, purples and metallic shades all keep your look interesting. We love this featured pair, a real fashionistas bargain at under 10. Grab them whilst you can! Search our related product to get the look nailed: Red Patent Flat Pointy Shoes.

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