Now Coachella is over it's time for the British festivals to begin! Sadly, it's very unlikely we'll have the same weather Coachella have so you need to think of way to stay stylish but also stay comfortable and dry!

Dita Von Teese was spotted wearing high heel shoes at Coachella which may be fine at a dry Californian festival but with the unpredictable British weather you need be prepared for all four seasons. You don't want your favourite heels sinking into the mud! A-SHU are currently selling some Pink Floral Design Wellington Boots and Black and Grey Checked Glossy Wellington Boots for £22.99. Wellington boots are a festival must-have and featured in Glamour magazine's 2012 'Top 100 Festival Fashion'.

Pair your wellies with something you find comfortable like denim shorts or even leggings to stay dry. Rihanna wore light denim shorts covered in studs, if you're brave enough grab an old pair of denim shorts and customise them yourself by adding studs for that rock-chic festival look.

If your legs are your best asset like Vanessa Hudgens, stay sexy in a thigh length dress and patterned tights or socks with your wellies and show off those pins! A clash of patterns is a must have this summer so don't be afraid to wear a variety of patterns with your clothes, hosiery and accessories.

To finish off add some jewellery to compliment your outfit and a small handbag, don't forget your camera! Avoid bringing a big bag to a festival, it will only annoy you all day and get in the way, make fashion comfortable. A smaller bag will stay closer to you and keep your belongings safer. If you look too good, people may want to steal your style, literally.

By Roxii Hoare-Smith - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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