When we mention James Nares, the first image pop up in people’s mind are likely be a single wave in color. This season, collaborating with James, Coach launched a brand new tote bag collection “Coach X James Nares “with melting colorful acrylic into canvas fabric to seduce us under summer heat. Made in double layers of canvas and stitched with vachetta leather straps, The Coach X James Nares tote handbag is translated into five color ranges, each of which printed with the painter’s signature on it.

James Nares is a contemporary painter who enthusiastic in capturing the very moment of his works. Most of his works are frequently made in a single brushstroke which records a gestural trace of times and motions on the canvas. The wild brush stroke seems to be randomly painted, but the truth is that the brushstrokes are a careful selection after a hundred times creating and erasing, he amend his works over and over again in order to draw a single stroke to represent a precision of balance between intent and improvisation.

In this project James waves the brush directly onto the canvas while hanging from a harness high up in the air. With his boorish colorful brushstroke lighting up each handbag, Coach’s revolutionary face-lift has wash-off the conventional image of them and instantly brings the market to a new level. High in mobility, fashion once again proves itself a preferable platform to circulate and filter art to public.

By Jennifer Chan - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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