Since Raf Simons’s period of influence at Christian Dior, we are seeing a more fresh approach to tailoring like we have not seen before. Dior, typically known as the classic French brand, has moved away from this single idea, now opening up its door to the world.

In this new collection, Simons made the focus around a light and delicate collection but with a twist - trainers! Yes, trainers as in footwear style, onto a couture catwalk.

“I wanted to liberate couture, it has restrictions,” explained the designer backstage after the show when speaking with Vogue UK.

“I wanted it to be about intimacy, the relationship of the hands making the couture with the women who are wearing it”. This explains his thoughts behind the fabrics and styles used for the collection; think chiffon dresses, roomy flow jumpsuits.

The trousers were tailored and paired with bustier tops - which has become a signature item for Simons - whilst the skirts were swinging, freeing almost. Teamed with trainers everything looked so easy to wear and effortless, which is hardly associated with the nature of couture.

By Monica Day - Fashion Blogger for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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