The decade of the platform sneakers, high-waist tops and skirts are back for good. Dust off your old Spice Girls albums and embrace the style of the 90s.

Few have forgotten Ginger Spice’s tiny Union Jack dress (or was it a top?) and chunky platform high heels from the glory days of the girl band. The daring style is actually not too far off the reality of this season. The platform shoes are back - in a comfortable and budget-friendly version.

Mix them with short tops, skirts and pastel colours.

The style allows you to combine the best of the 90s: dip-dyed tops, high-waist skirts and platform sneakers that will make you at least two inches taller, with the best of 2012: pastel colours, Milky-way inspired prints and soft materials.

Go on - be daring this season, and incorporate the best of the 90s with the already trendy outfits you have bought this year. We know you want to.

By Therese Doksheim - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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