Defined looks with premium fabrics are at the forefront of styling for A/W this year. Think of contemporary style but in a timeless way. Vintage inspiration has faded to make way for modernised looks and tailoring. Even the lines between work-wear and play-wear have faded, to create pieces that are simple.

A/W nods in the direction of Parisian styling that will not deflect style. Think power dressing of the 1970’s; sharp, tailored pieces that go together seamlessly.

Items based on their colour tone are key to capturing the easy elegance look. Think of mineral colours and layer them up head-to-toe for a look that is alluring and effortless.

Rich burgundies and red tones as well as dark navy blue and bleached neutrals create a clean colour palette. Add dusky rust hues and camel shades to add a touch of romance.

Textured jacquards as well as wool and faux fur will add interest and create statements looks. There is also a focus on leathers, layered suede fabrics and shearling.

In terms of silhouettes, the emphasis is on proportion, with unconstructed silhouettes taking lead. Dropped shoulders and over-sized outerwear shapes are feminine when pinned in at the waist with tie up belts. Sleek trousers and mini-length skirts are key styling pieces and will balance the look.

For the festive season, think fine sequins, tangible fringing and metallic accents. Velvets, lace and silk will all steal the spotlight.

By Molly Edwards - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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