So how did Dior’s ‘Dior So Real’ sunglasses became a street-style sensation? We can thank Rihanna for that!

During the 2014 A/W shows, Rihanna’s first true show season tour de force, the songstress was spotted at the Dior presentation in Paris. She stunned us all having arrived in a slipdress together with thigh high stockings, a red fur coat, blinged out diamond jewellery and of course crimson red lipstick. This look took the internet by storm overnight but surprisingly it was another item that caught peoples attention – her Dior So Real mirrored sunglasses which completed her look! The reflective and bridgeless specs became a sudden sensation with everyone from her fans to fashion followers, bloggers and even Editors buying them in follow suit.

Even now the style is still one of Dior’s most popular sellers and stocked worldwide in an array of colours.

Plus they have even made it over to men’s fashion with Swizz Beatz having been spotted in a pair recently!

By Misha Brown - Fashion Blogger for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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