Do you fancy owning a one in 20 pair of shoes? If so then Kobi Levi, the Israeli upraising shoe designer is your one and only destination!

With his quirky and exceptional designs, he takes the concept of shoes to a whole new level, given recognition by Vogue Italia and Dezeen Magazine, and above all worn by Lady Gaga in one of her iconic music videos ‘Born this way’!

25 styles from the designer’s most incredible creations, including the ‘double boots’ worn by Lady Gaga, are being introduced to the British public in a pop up boutique in Selfridges, London starting the 22nd of October with prices ranging from £650 to £2,050!

"This is a dream come try for me," says Levi to GlamourMagazine.co.uk of his new Selfridges home. "I invite all women to visit, feel the shoes, see how real they are and try them on."

So women, here is your direct invitation, and whatever it is you fancy from a swan, to walking in tongues you are sure to find what pleases and satisfies your imagination!

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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