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Lace especially for your face… now that sounds a bit doesn’t it? Well lace was a huge trend last season. Articles ranging from shoes to bags, bodycon blouses to dresses we all loved the lace. Well something different has just hit the racks… lace prints for your face.

Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen are fashioned make-up appliques that are usually constructed out of latex, beads, rhinestones and fabric. They are a bit loud, and it’s not something you can wear daily (unless you’re comfortable with making a strong statement about fashion), however these appliques are perfect for fancy-dress night out.

Instead of having to create your own designs and patterns and spend hours perfecting it on your skin, Face Lace is simple and quick to use. According to their website, this beautiful accessory gives you that sultry high-fashion model look in less than a minute.

If you feel less bold, but still want to keep up with this style, then go ahead and buy the nail appliques that come in a lacey design!

By Tatiana Dias - Fashion Writer at A-SHU.CO.UK.

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