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If you keep track of all the Red Carpet celebrity looks, you will notice that some stars are often exclusively dressed by a certain fashion house, notably Marion Cotillard for example, who has been the face for the Lady Dior handbag since 2008! It is now time for the young actress to be involved in the brand and create her own Lady Dior bag.

The Hollywood star has been sketching and brainstorming about her new designs for  a while now, "Actually, I'm torn between a rock and roll type or something extremely simple," she explains in the video filmed for the occasion by Dior. "I would still like to put a strong Dior symbol on it." Rock ’n’ Roll or simplicity, the award winner will most definitely add a touch of quirkiness and femininity to the brand’s iconic bag. Whether you are a fan of the French actress or not, her elegance and sense of style is inevitable and her being Dior’s muse seems like the right choice at the moment.

From Lana del Rey for Mulberry to Marion Cotillard for Dior, 2012 has definitely been the year of collaborations and celebrity-designers! What should we expect for the Lady Dior though, a déjà vu classic with a French twist or a young and modern re-creation?

By Nathalie Akkaoui - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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