A $115,000 alligator hermes birkin handbag… how does one justify the price I hear you ask? Well there are a good few factors that contribute to this particular bags six figure price tag. Lets explore them below!

- First, the size of the bag. It’s a large 35cm alligator piece; alligators are smaller than crocodiles, so finding a skin large enough to make a handbag of this size is like finding a needle in a haystack. Oh and that’s not to forget a piece which also obeys the rules of Hermes’ meticulous quality standards.

- In general, anything made from alligator skin usually rockets the price, greater than that of the price of all other exotic skins. And the bigger the bag, the more sky high the price will be.

- Second, takes note to colour and condition. This particular arm candy is very pale in colour and in faultless condition. Only a handful of bags so light in colour in this finish are available at all - another needed in a haystack!

These two factors come together as an extremely rare handbag, resulting in this exotic piece being incredibly in demand and having a long, long waiting list.

By Misha Brown - Fashion Writer for A-SHU.CO.UK.

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